My Dearest Valentine

Liebesbrief auf Englisch

It’s been such a long time since I felt as alive and energized as I do when I’m with you. You have filled my days with sunshine and my life with love. Every moment spent in your company is a joyous one, each memory made together is one to cherish forever.

Just thinking of you brings the biggest smile to my face and fills me with warmth and happiness. When I look into your eyes, it’s like time stands still; I am enveloped in the most perfect peace and contentment. Knowing that you are mine—heart, body and soul—makes me feel as if anything is possible in this world. You are my everything, my sun and stars, the reason for all of my smiles.

I am beyond thankful for all the times we’ve shared so far, but there are so many more memories yet to be made! Though words will never be able to express how much I love you—and how deeply I need you in my life – know that with each passing day our love grows stronger than ever before. Nothing can come between us; no obstacle is too big for us to overcome together.

You are truly an angel sent from above and there isn’t a single moment when I don’t feel grateful for having found you. On this special day dedicated to love, know that I cherish every second spent by your side more than anything else in this world. There has never been anyone else who can make me feel as special as you do and words cannot describe how much that means to me; all that matters is our love will last forevermore!

Happy Valentines Day, sweetheart!

Always yours truly,