From the moment I met you

Liebesbrief auf Englisch


From the moment I met you, I knew that our connection was something special. As we got to know each other better and our relationship grew, my love for you only deepened. You’ve shown me so much kindness and understanding, taught me so many valuable lessons, and given me more joy than ever before.

I never imagined I could feel this way about someone, but here I am – feeling so deeply in love with you that it fills my heart with warmth every single day. I can’t explain why or how it happened; all I know is that it did, and it is here to stay. Our relationship challenges us both to grow as individuals while also bringing us closer together, reminding us of the importance of staying connected no matter what life throws our way.

No matter where life takes us, know that my love for you will always remain strong because it was made to last an eternity – stronger than ever before no matter what obstacles we face along the way. Time may pass but our hearts remain connected through an unbreakable bond that will keep us together until our paths reunite once again one day soon.

You bring out the best in me; your words of encouragement lift me up when nothing else can and your unwavering support helps me reach higher heights than I ever thought possible. You give me strength and courage on days when everything feels too hard; your touch reminds me of what true happiness feels like after a long day apart. Your presence in my life has filled an emptiness inside of my heart, giving me hope and giving me a reason to dream bigger than ever before.

I can’t help but feel blessed to have found a love like ours – one that never ceases to surprise us yet still allows us to be ourselves without fear or judgment. The more time we spend together, the greater my appreciation grows for the amazing person you are and all you do for me each day without asking for anything in return – even on days when all I want is just your embrace and nothing else matters besides being together at last. So thank you for always being there for me!

My love for you transcends any language known to man or any definition in a dictionary; it expands further than any geographical boundaries on this earth could ever contain or any time limit try and put upon us. It’s purer than anything this world has seen before – more powerful and yet more gentle at the same time – stronger than steel yet softer than silk itself. It is infinite enough to keep growing even beyond this lifetime if need be…and it will never stop doing so as long as we keep sharing these precious moments together forevermore!

I love you now and forevermore!

Sincerely yours,