When I am with you

Liebesbrief auf Englisch

My dearest love,

No words can express the profound joy and peace I feel when I am with you. You are my rock, my safe place where I can be completely myself and know that I am accepted and loved without judgement. From the moment our eyes met, a special connection was made between us – one that has only grown deeper over time.

Your presence in my life is an incredible gift – you fill all the empty spaces inside me with love and tenderness beyond compare. You have become such an important part of who I am, and every day with you is a reminder of just how blessed we really are to have found each other. No matter what happens in this world, nothing can take away our love or ever break us apart: together we will always be strong.

Every morning when we wake up together, I feel so grateful to be able to look into your beautiful eyes and know that for now, all is right in our world. Our shared moments of laughter and sorrows mean more than anything else – they are part of what makes our bond so unique and unbreakable. As long as you keep holding me close in your arms, everything will be alright.

You bring out the best in me – no one else has ever seen or appreciated who I truly am like you do – for that I will always be thankful. Our connection is truly special – it has been woven with threads of unconditional love, understanding and security – a peace that surpasses all understanding beckons us closer together each day. It gives me strength to face any challenge knowing you are by my side.

My heart aches to tell you just how deeply I adore you; there is no limit to the depth of my love for you! Until the stars in the heavens stop shining and the rivers cease flowing: until then, let it be known how much I cherish being yours – no one could ever take away what we have built together!

Forever yours,

Loving you more than words could ever say